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How you can donate

Below is a list of places you can go to send donations to Boxes of Love for the Homeless

Amazon Wish List   We update the Amazon Wish list regularly depending on current needs to fill boxes.  Items change depending on the season.  The Wish list is set up so that items will be delivered directly to us, to get to those who need it most.  

We are happy to announce we are part of the Amazon Smile Charitable Organizations List - When placing your everyday orders through Amazon - Click this link - and a portion of the proceeds come to Boxes of Love for the Homeless!

Blue Line CBD - Blue Line CBD is a THC free CBD line that is geared to help first responders and their families with the benefits of the highest quality CBD oil available without the worry of THC contamination. They are offering a 25% discount to anyone who orders CBD through the link listed below or uses the code BOL25 and Boxes of Love for the Homeless will receive a 10% donation in your name!

Cash donations - We accept cash donations through Paypal.  

What do we do with cash donations if no one gets paid?  

  • We are in desperate need of storage facility as our donations are overflowing in Stacy's basement.  
  • Storage bins
  • Pizza

Make a cash donation today click here!

We've been putting together a list of sites where items can be purchased for less than what we've found on Amazon.  If you would like to purchase through these sites email us at for the address to send donations.  

Thermal Sets -