Serving Manchester, NH and surrounding communities

Our Mission

Where There is Love, There is Hope

Our mission is to provide the most vulnerable among us with necessary, thoughtful items, in a Box of Love, presented as a gift for the purpose of making a human connection, a listening ear, an opportunity to share their personal journeys...and to let them know they are worthy, seen and accepted. 

When you share love with others, you provide a sense of belonging and above all else hope.

Boxes of Love for the Homeless is a non-partisan organization focused on helping those in need without regards to political or religious affiliation.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Oma (Bernadette's mother Ursula) used to say, "Many hands make light work".  When we all pitch in, we lighten the load for everyone.  This makes the impossible achievable.  

Stacy Bergeron and Bernadette Trafton

Stacy Bergeron (pictured middle front) began Boxes of Love for the Homeless at the end of 2018.  In her words,   " We started taking PJ to swimming lessons in Manchester, NH. As the days grew shorter I noticed many folks on the street huddled to keep warm.

Initially I averted my eyes as I walked past them, feeling helpless, awkward and a little ashamed...if that makes sense. Eventually I decided I would keep hand warmers, water bottles and granola bars in my car, and hand them out if I saw someone in need.

One late afternoon, I saw a man huddled up and shivering as the cold seeped through the sleeping bag he had wrapped himself in. I asked him if he might be able to use the 3 items. It was then that something happened...he looked me in the eyes. What I saw and felt moved me deeply. I wanted...I actually needed to do more."

With the help of some friends, Stacy built 20 boxes to hand out to the homeless population in Manchester, NH.  She decided to take some pictures of everything she put in the boxes and shared her story and an amazon wish list on Facebook.  She shared her post with her friend from Junior High School Bernadette Trafton (pictured to the left of Stacy).  Bernadette began sharing the post everywhere and the donations began pouring in from people who knew they wanted to do something to help.  After a few conversations about creating a facebook page to do even more to help the cause, Stacy and Bernadette formed a partnership on January 8, 2019 with the hope that through them, a lot of people could receive these gifts of love.  Since then, it's been a whirlwind of activity.   We decided to be a no profit, which simply means, we collect items and distribute them.  We are a total volunteer organization and no one gets paid.  People can be assured when they donate, their donation will go directly into the hands of those who need it the most.   

We found, when delivering the boxes of love, the homeless community were eager to share their stories.  So, with their permission, we began videotaping and sharing their stories on our Facebook page .  We began running boxes of love box building events, run blanket/jacket/clothing drives, shared numerous stories, got involved in community clean up and have passed out over 500 Boxes of Love.  

In the picture to the right, we had our very first meeting with our core Volunteers.   Back row Left to Right:
Jeanne Caito, LeeAnn Wells, Paula Brousseau, Michelle Doyle, Burt White, Kim White.  Front row, Left to Right Bernadette Trafton, Stacy Bergeron and Margaret Morenz.

"We are so grateful to everyone who supports this mission in anyway they can, Where There is Love There is Hope and Many Hands Make Light Work", Much Love, Stacy and Bernadette